eau claire distillery

full scope


For years, Rad Creative has had the privilege of partnering with Eau Claire Distillery, based in the picturesque Turner Valley, Alberta. This enduring collaboration has seen us immerse ourselves in a variety of projects, each one a testament to the distillery’s rich heritage and our creative versatility. Our involvement spans the full spectrum of production – from graphic design to videography, photography, and meticulous post-production for both photos and videos. We’ve been at the heart of brand shoots that capture the essence of Eau Claire Distillery’s craftsmanship, and product launches that bring their new creations to the forefront. Our graphic design expertise has also extended into creating stylish branded clothing, melding Eau Claire’s distinct brand identity with contemporary fashion. Each project with Eau Claire Distillery is not just a job; it’s a journey into the heart of their brand, showcasing their commitment to quality and innovation through Rad Creative’s artistic lens.